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(DME = DiMethyl Ether)

Licensing Slurry Phase DME Direct Synthesis Process

RenFuD contributes to solve global energy issue


RenFuD Corporation


Nowadays, we are facing to global environmental concerns symbolized in global warming and supply/demand problem of energy and resource. Renewable energy resources such as biomass, solar and wind power etc. are expected promising to mitigate such situation.

DME (Dimethyl Ether) is a quite clean fuel with no PM (Particulate matter) nor SOx emission, and little CO2 emission during combustion. It is produced from various resources such as natural gas, coal and biomass.

It is demonstrated that DME has excellent characteristics as fuel for LP gas alternative, Diesel engine vehicle and power generation.

DME has been produced by dehydration reaction of methanol. Methanol itself is synthesized from synthesis gas (H2, CO). In order to produce efficiently DME as fuel at low cost, a new direct synthesis process in slurry phase has been developed, which synthesizes DME directly from synthesis gas.

RenFuD Corporation, having technical patents of the direct DME synthesis process in slurry phase and its proprietary catalyst supply right, is ready for giving technology license of the synthesis process and supplying the catalyst globally.



Yotaro Ohno
President of RenFuD Corporation


Development of slurry phase Direct DME synthesis process and Transfer of the technology to RenFuD

• Slurry phase Direct DME synthesis process had been developed by NKK (now JFE), stepwise starting from beaker scale, through bench scale, to 5 ton/day pilot plant with its own proprietary catalyst since 1989.

•From 2002 to 2007, 100 ton/day demonstration plant project was successfully conducted by DME Development Corp. funded by 10 companies. The process performance, catalyst life and long-term stable operation have been demonstrated for a commercial scale technology.

  With this technical success, feasibility studies of commercial scale DME production from natural gas or coal were conducted.

• Total, JAPEX, INPEX and Toyota Tsusho, former members of DME Development Corp., succeeded the technology in 2010.

 • In 2016, those four companies have transferred the technology patents to RenFuD Corporation. RenFud is now ready for licensing of the DME synthesis process technology with its own technical know-how and supplying its proprietary catalyst.


Figure 1 Development history of Slurry Phase Direct DME Synthesis Technology

Figure 1 Development history of Slurry Phase Direct DME Synthesis Technology

Photo DME100ton/day Demonstration Plant (Kushiro, Japan)

Photo DME100ton/day Demonstration Plant (Kushiro, Japan)




Recent presentations on DME (Dimethyl Ether) 

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